Monday, March 7, 2011

Volumetric Concrete Mixer

The volumetric concrete mixer is a special design that helps to pour concrete effectively and with efficiency. There are several different benefits to using this type of mixer if you are working on a project that requires concrete or cement. The process that is used through a volumetric mixer adds to proficiency for the process of laying concrete.
Usually, these mixers contain four different bins in them. Each of these will hold a different material that is needed for mixing concrete. This includes cement dust, sand, stone and water. These different elements will then fall into a conveyor that is running through the bins. These are controlled by gates that open and close, allowing whoever is operating the gates to control how much material and mixture goes through the gates.

After the different materials move to create the mix, they are dumped into an auger. At this point, water or any other elements needed are be added to the mixture. This is where all of the mixing of the material occurs. If the mixture is a little off, it can be adjusted at this point. This allows complete control over the levels of mixture that are used before being poured onto the landscape.
The concrete then moves out of the auger and onto the ground. This is where it can be laid out properly and professionally. The benefits of this type of mixing of concrete are many. First, it allows the concrete to be fresh when it is laid. This helps in putting the finishing touches on the concrete. Second, when concrete is mixed through other types of mixing devices, it often comes out hot, making it harder to work properly. Often times, when the concrete is laid while it is hot, it will take a longer time to set in the right place and dry.
Usually, these types of mixers are available in several different sizes. They are best used when attached to a truck. The mixers are available at a smaller size of two yards, or four feet, or a larger size of twelve yards, or twenty-four feet. Depending on the projects that will be done with these mixers, you can control how large or small you will need to have the mixer.
By using volumetric concrete mixers to pour landscapes and roads, it allows for more efficiency. These mixers have been used as a special design to allow companies and individuals to mix and maintain concrete. By using the special process through these types of mixers, it allows for more proficient lying of concrete.
Everything you need to know about cement concrete mixers.

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