Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tupperware Scam Review - Is Tupperware Right For You?

We do not need to ask, "Is Tupperware a scam?"  This company has been providing household products with a legitimate business opportunity for more than 50 years.  Scams can not last nearly this long.  However, the question we need to ask is this.  Is Tupperware a viable business opportunity for you and your family to rely on for financial security?  I will try to help answer this question in my Tupperware Review.
Earl Tupper established Tupperware back in 1946 with a product line of polyethylene storage containers to keep food fresh and air tight.
Tupperware has chosen a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model to distribute their products around the world.  The product selection that Tupperware offers has expanded immensely over the years, and today, they offer products in relation to food preparation, storage, and serving tools.  They even offer beauty, and personal care products.

The cost to join Tupperware as a new consultant is $79.99 for their Business Kit, or $119.99 for their Executive Business Kit, depending on the level of participation that you want to put into your Tupperware Business.  If you desire an online store front, there will be an additional charge of $15.95 per month for your website.
In order to maintain your active status within the company, you will need to maintain a minimum of $250 in personal sales within a rolling 4 month period.  If you become inactive, you can pay $10 to be reactivated, but you will lose your entire downline that you have worked so hard to build.
As you achieve sales of Tupperware products, you will receive 25% in the form of commissions.  If you achieve $1,200 or more, you will earn an additional 5% bonus.  If your sales are above $3,200, that bonus will increase to 10%.
As you successfully recruit new consultants into your downline, you will be given the opportunity to receive a 4% to 8% bonus, depending on the size of your team, and their personal sales.  However, keep in mind that Tupperware has instituted what is referred to as a stair-step breakaway plan.  Once you have helped a member in your downline to achieve success in their business in a manner where they out perform you in a given time frame, that person will break away from you to start their own team.  You will no longer benefit from this high performing individual.
What will you be doing to attain sales, and recruit new members into your business?
With Tupperware being a traditional MLM style business, you can expect to receive training that is related to throwing home parties to demonstrate their products, and attract consultants to join you.  You will be contacting friends and relatives, asking them to open their homes to host a party, and encouraging them to invite their friends and relatives to attend.  You will drive to this location, demonstrate the products, book orders, recruit new members, and schedule the next party.  These are the methods that you will be encouraged to practice.
Tupperware is a legitimate business opportunity for the right person.  This is a business that is going to take a lot of time, persistence, and hard work to find success.  It will not be nearly as easy as they might portray it to be, especially if you are utilizing the methods that they encourage.  In my opinion, if you are trying to build a rewarding and profitable business, no matter what business you are participating in, it takes much more than a small network of family and friends to sustain a business.  However, if you believe that you have what it takes to make this business work for you, then Tupperware is a great company to partner with.

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