Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Reasons to Install a Zephyr Exhaust Fan Article

Different interiors have different ventilation needs. An attic requires rising hot air to be removed, the bathroom and basement should not be stuffy and musty, and the living room requires low-footprint appliances. The Zephyr exhaust fan, from the Penn (TM) ventilation systems by PennBarry, offers great variety for particular air distribution applications. It supposedly holds the most ceiling fan options of any manufacturer.
The Penn Zephyr exhaust fan comes in 17 models spaced evenly all throughout the spectrum of CFMs and static pressures, with several combinations of wheel sizes and speeds, in a selection of capacities, for low or medium pressure, for ceiling, room, wall or inline mounting. Lek-Trol speed adjustment ensures that ventilation needs are met precisely, whether mounted remotely or on the unit. Dual-speed motors can shift nominal speeds from 1050 to 1550 RPM.

Just like the Panasonic FV-05VQ3 WhisperCeiling fan or the Fantech DBF110 Dryer Booster inline fan, Penn Zephyr ceiling and inline centrifugal fans have been designed to operate noiselessly. Specifically, the Zephyr S series fans supposedly have the lowest sound ratings by industry standard. Dual inlet blowers in all but the smallest Zephyr fan, the Z3H, additionally keep the noise down.
PennBarry has been manufacturing commercial and industrial ventilation product solutions since 1928, different from Zephyr Corporation, which has been making downdraft, island and other kitchen range hood systems since 1997. EasyTap variable speed selection allows for altering speed and air flow on the spot, so a Penn Zephyr exhaust fan can adjust systems without needing a replacement fan.
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