Friday, March 18, 2011

Too much fun in the sun, Stephanie Seymour? Supermodel feels the burn on bikini break in St Barts

 She slips into a bikini at every possible opportunity, but it seems Stephanie Seymour forgot one crucial beach essential yesterday - sunscreen.
The former supermodel, who was back by the shore for the second day in a row, was sporting painful-looking pink sunburn while holidaying in St Barts today.
The 42-year-old, who was this time wearing a blue and white polka-dot bikini, kept her face sheltered from the glare in a hat but her back had clearly been exposed to too many rays.

This time Stephanie's billionaire husband Peter Brant joined his wife and children for their day out.
Showing he's a hands-on dad, the 63-year-old helped build sandcastles with the children and went for a dip in the ocean with his wife and youngest daughter Lily, 6.
The cool of the azure ocean, no doubt a welcome relief for Stephanie's increasingly reddened back.
The couple later then shared a kiss in the sand together.

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