Saturday, March 12, 2011

Television Versus Kids Indoor Activities

Kids as a whole spend a lot of time in front of the television. While TV can be considered a cheap babysitter and even educational at times, it doesn't contribute to good physical health. Instead, children should be involved with kids indoor activities that will keep them active and healthy.
About 50 percent of kids watch at least two hours of television every day. Two hours doesn't seem like much, but according to the April 2004 journal Pediatrics, every hour of television viewing increases the chances by 10 percent of their having attention problems by the time they're seven.
The study concluded that children ages one to three who watched television three hours a day were 30 percent more likely to have attention struggles by age seven than those who didn't watch TV at all. This shows that the less television your child watches the better.

 Instead of your child watching television, encourage them to be active with kids' indoor activities. Some ideas include dancing to music, playing ball, indoor bowling, stretching and a scavenger hunt. There are dozens upon dozens of great activities available that kids love.
Not only will they have fun while participating in such activities, they will also be exercising and therefore staying healthy. They also assist in the growth and learning of the child.
If your kids watch a lot of television, it's not too late. Start weaning them of the habit now. Come up with some fun ideas and participate in the activities with them. Less television and more play time also encourages creativity and the imagination.
If you would rather your child have their own adventures instead of just watching the lives of someone else, then turn off the TV, get involved with your children and give them some fun kids indoor activities to do.
Remember that the reason to learn about healthy kids indoor activities is to give you skills and knowledge necessary to help your children become the healthiest people they can be. Download a free report with tips and instructions you need to get started quickly by visiting Family Fitness and learn how to have fun while playing exercise games.

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