Friday, March 4, 2011

Select the proper vacuum cleaner for yourself

Vacuum Cleaner WomanThere are many Vacuum Cleaners on the market today. The list is endless. All one has to do is go to the nearest home & garden retailer or go online and he will see a plethora of options. Which begs the question: are all vacuum cleaners created equal? Should an individual just make their selection based off price or whatever brand is currently having a good deal? Absolutely not! A purchase should only be made after careful consideration of five factors. The following gives a detailed explanation of each one.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a brand new vacuum every single year. You might think this will not happen but cheap Vacuum Cleaners have a very short lifespan. This is especially so if you have a bigger than average home. You will be using this household item quite a bit, as much as several times a week, and its imperative that it be able to stand the wear and tear.
Ask around, check consumer reviews or ask the advice of family and friends. If someone tells you that they have owned the same vacuum for years and it has never given them any problems then you know you have a definite candidate.
You might not think about this aspect until you find yourself lugging a vacuum up several flights of stairs when you have to clean them. If you have a one story and flat home then this will not be much of an issue. But, if you have a three story home or one with many levels then you want a vacuum that will be easily portable and maneuverable.
Optimally you want a vacuum cleaner that is light and has some type of handle for you to pick it up.
You will need several attachments to get to all the areas of your home. There will be small corners, very tight crevices and hardwood floors that you will need to vacuum. Make sure your model comes with the appropriate attachments so that you can accomplish this. There is nothing more frustrating than being able to vacuum 90% of your home but having to leave the remaining 10% dirty because you are unable to get to it.
Replacements Parts
This can be viewed as being picky but optimally you want a vacuum cleaner that you can get replacement parts easily to. Hoover, Oreck and Eureka parts can be found at almost any large big box retail store like Wal-Mart or Target. Replacements vacuum cleaner parts for other brands will be a lot harder. This is not something you will think about until year three of your ownership but looking into the future a little bit will save you a lot of trouble.
Vacuum Bags
If you have allergies or find yourself routinely concerned with clean air then bagless or HEPA vacuums should be your choice. They do not emit a lot of dust particles in the air like standard vacuums do. They are, however, more expensive than ones equipped with standard vacuum cleaner bags. It may be hard to purchase these specialized vacuums, like a Rainbow (dirt goes into water with this brand), if you are on a budget.
These are five things you need to consider when making your Vacuum Cleaner purchase. Not every one of them is created equal and depending on what you value will determine what brand and model that is best for you. Do yourself a favor before you go shopping. Conduct a little research. You will have to live with this thing for a while and you want to make sure you will be satisfied with it for years to come.
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