Friday, March 25, 2011

Rosalie gives yes!

In a small church in Germany, Rosalie van Breemen for the second time married.

Rosalie tells The Guardian: "The priest was there, he led the service, and the organist. It was very beautiful and spiritual. We are still working on the papers because my husband Robert Agnostinelli is American, so the civil ceremony will follow. "
The author could no longer wait. "But we did not wait with the spiritual ceremony. When we met each other the first time, we knew it already, we belong together. "

Rosalie staying with her son and daughter in Germany this summer. Her stalker is stuck in a psychiatric hospital in France, but it is unclear what happens after that.
"I've now put a lawyer. Because, to my dismay the clinic refuses to say whether the woman is at home on weekends or they completely dismissed. That uncertainty gives me such rotgevoel that I wanted to stay home. "

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