Monday, March 7, 2011

The Plaster Mixer - For Perfect Consistency

If you are a DIY enthusiast then you know the importance of having all the correct equipment and tools at your disposal before embarking upon a particular project. This definitely applies to any plastering job that you are about to work on. So if you are planning on plastering a wall or room in your home one particular tool that you will require is the plaster mixer.
You can mix plaster using just a wooden stick but this only really works if you only require small amounts of plaster. For larger amounts of plaster that will be required to plaster a wall or complete room you will definitely need a powered mixer of some sort. There are 2 options here for you to consider. The first is to use a power drill that allows you to attach a mixing paddle to it. However these drills can burn out if too much is asked of them. The second option is the specially designed for the job plaster mixer. These are powerful and with their special paddles are perfect for knocking up large amounts of plaster.

What you need to remember when plastering is that fresh plaster has a relatively short working life span. So to work properly with it you only mix up plaster in small quantities. You then apply this plaster to the wall and then you go and mix some more plaster. So you spend more time mixing plaster than actually putting plaster on the wall. Using a wooden stick would be very tiring and a long-winded way of doing things. But with the plaster mixer at the ready it is just a matter of adding water to the plaster, turning the plaster mixer on and letting it do it's job. Not only will your plaster be mixed to the perfect consistency but it will be done very quickly and easily.

To buy a plaster mixer you can pop down to your local DIY outlet and compare all the models to see which one is right for the job you intend. If you are only doing a plastering job as a one-off then perhaps buying a new machine is not economically viable. An alternative here is to check out all the local newspapers and advertisements to see if anyone is selling a second-hand machine at a good price. If you have no luck in finding a decent bargain then you can always fall back on your local tool hire company and hire a plaster mixer by the day.
My name is Paul Garnett and I live and work in Sweden.I have a love for the outdoors and most outdoor activities. My home bound hobbies include making web sites. For everything you need to know about the plaster mixer and working with plaster, check out The Plaster Mixer.

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