Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'Orgasm overload' woman meets her match

British woman Michelle Thompson suffers from Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), meaning she has an insatiable sexual appetite and can climax at any time without warning.
Ms Thompson, 42, told British tabloid the News Of The World that coming to terms with the condition had been tough but she had learned to enjoy it.
"I know I'm lucky to have so many orgasms when there are women who have never had one," she said.
Ms Thompson said her new boyfriend Andrew Carr was able to cope with her condition, which she credits with destroying previous relationships.

The pair have sex at least 10 times every day, she said.
"Andrew has changed my life … I'm no longer looking for a cure for my orgasms — I've found it," she said.

Ms Thompson, a mother-of-four, said her longest relationship had lasted five years and ended with her boyfriend leaving an "exhausted … defeated man".

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