Friday, March 18, 2011

Nonstick Cookware - For All the Right Reasons

Obesity remains the number one killer. Statistics on health counts reveal among other things, the need to eat right to keep fatal complications at bay. A growing number of people worldwide are changing lifestyles and eating patterns to stay fit. A major change that has occurred in kitchens in this regard has been the rousing rush for nonstick cookware.
More and more people continue to make serious efforts to reduce fat intake by opting for nonstick cookware that requires very little or no cooking medium like oil or butter. There is quite a range of nonstick cookware available on the market. And just as we were beginning to fully comprehend the side effects of traditional nonstick pans because of their Teflon coating, came the 'green' non-stick cookware sets as great alternatives.
 Early nonstick pots and pans used harmful toxic chemicals that got released in the air when heated. Also the chemicals released from such nonstick cookware while cooking could possibly affect the cooked food too. Besides, this kind of cookware created chemicals and pollutants in the manufacturing process also with byproducts leaching into water and soil resources to ultimately affect food chain too.
Green nonstick cookware comes as a safer alternative as they are chemical free cookware. Making use of materials like hard-anodized aluminum and ceramic titanium they remain non-toxic and Teflon free. These safer nonstick utensils can cook in high temperatures without integrating any substances while still providing the convenience of a nonstick surface.
Usually a non-stick surface may not require any oil, which is really used largely to prevent food from sticking to cookware surfaces as also to flavor and enhance cooked items. Of course fat is required by bodies but only up to a point as too much of it can affect our body negatively. Non-stick pots and pans are therefore useful for oil free and low oil cooking.
The best part of nonstick cookware is that they clean-up fast and easy. Since food does not stick on them they can simply be wiped clean or washed lightly with soapy water. Usually a soft sponge will suffice to remove residual matter. Making use of scouring pads damages the surface of the nonstick cookware. But the new kind of nonstick ware is said to be corrosion resistant and scratch resistant nonstick cookware is making its mark. Even so it is advisable not to use metal appliances on nonstick cookware - always use wooden spatulas and spoons for turning food.
Taking good care of the nonstick cookware provides years of great service. The newer non stick surfaces developed of late include ceramic and diamond coatings that have done away with unwanted chemicals that were said to get into our food. Quality non-stick pans come with information advising on how best to maintain and make use of to enjoy the benefits of a non-stick cooking.
Non stick cookware is wonderful for everyday use. Professionals may be averse to using them as they consider that certain foods that need browning do not brown in them. By and large, for a number of recipes they are wonderfully easy to cook in. Considered durable some kind of non stick cookware may be destroyed by high temperatures as the coating does not hold up well to high heat.
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