Friday, March 18, 2011

Kerry Katona husband angry over her new boyfriend

Kerry Katona has seen her life and career change for the better since she decided to dump her husband Mark Croft. The reality star got herself a new manager a new home and now a new boyfriend who makes her happy but although all of Kerry Katona fans are happy for her, there is one man who isn’t and that man is her soon to be ex husband Mark Croft who has threatened to sell sex tapes of the star.
According to reports, Mark is angry that his wife is flaunting her new relationship and is even more angry that his wife plans to move her new boyfriend, Painter and Decorator Adam Waldron into her family home.
Kerry, 29 met her boyfriend at a friend’s party after she shown ex cabbie driver Mark Croft the door to the huge applause of her fans. A source close to Kerry said: “She has never been happier than she is now with Adam, he truly makes her happy and is not after her money, he just wants her for her.”
Mark Croft is reportedly trying to gain full custody of their children, where he believes he can convince the court that he should have sole custody after his wife’s unreasonable behaviour during the marriage and believes the recent Channel Four programme featuring his wife will back up his claims that he and he alone should bring up their children.
The Ex cabbie has warned his wife that he will sell sex tapes he has of her to the highest bidder and has claimed if he does not make enough money that way then he will put them online where he believes he will make a fortune.
Kerry is angry at the threats and cannot believe he could stoop so low as to threaten her with the tapes, but a source has revealed that Mark is very serious about his threat and knows the tapes are his insurance policy.

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