Friday, March 18, 2011

How Dangerous Are Teflon Pans? The Dangers of Teflon Pans

How dangerous are Teflon pans? I get asked this question quite often so I decided that it needed to be addressed right now. First off people have been using Teflon pans for the longest time possible. Just now we're hearing about just how Teflon pans are danger and that we need to stay away from them. Well what do we know for sure? The only real thing that we know is that once these pans are heated we immediately have to deal with the dangerous chemicals that come from these pans.
Think about this for a second. You're cooking food in these teflon pans. All of the food that we consume is cook and therefore coated in all of these harmful chemicals. So now we ingest chemicals like fluoride that go into our system and turn into fat soluble chemicals. Why is this important? When we're trying to lose stomach fat our body attempts to break down all of the chemicals out of our fat cells. Well these fat soluble cells can't be broken down. So we're left wondering why we can't lose body fat. It isn't because we have parasites or things like that. It's because of all of these harmful chemicals.
 Also all of our natural hormones are going to be affected including insulin. The whole point of a fat loss diet is to minimize rapid spikes in insulin.The problem is that once these chemicals come into our body we no longer are able to control our hormones through the normal diet and training methods. In addition, our brain neurotransmitter balance is off. This results in increased cravings and feeling of depression. So we're less likely to go to the gym and workout hard and we're more likely to cheat on our diet.
So what are a few ways that we can get rid of these chemicals if we have them in our body? First off, we should choose to eat more organic foods. We want to limit any new chemicals from entering our body. Second, we need to make sure that we heavily increase our ingestion of omega-3 fish oils. Why? Well omega-3 fish oils help to improve the hormonal balances in our body as well as detoxify our body on a regular basis. The best thing that we can do to avoid the dangers of teflon pans though is to not use them. Go out and grab some non-stick pans.

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