Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dining Room Furniture Ideas For A Small Space Read

Maximize Your Dining Room Space
With the rising costs of real estate more and more people are choosing smaller homes, apartments or condos. But, small spaces can be a big challenge when it comes to furnishing your rooms. Having a small dining room doesn't mean that you can't still have a beautiful dining area. The key is to maximize the space that you do have. With some careful planning and the right furniture, you can have a small dining room that is big on style!

Make Your Small Space Look Larger
There are several simple tricks that designers use to make small rooms appear to be larger than they really are. Provide easy access into your dining room to create a more open appearance. Use smaller,lighter window treatments instead of bulky drapes. You can even add mirrors to your walls to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.
Avoid Dining Room Clutter
Another easy way to make your dining room look larger is to avoid clutter. A lot of clutter will make a large dining room look smaller. Instead of displaying a favorite collection in a small dining room, keep the rooms decor simple and clean. Purchase a few decorator baskets or other containers that you can use to store items.
How To Choose A Dining Room Table
The ideal dining room table for a small area will depend a lot on the shape of your dining room. A long narrow dining room looks much better with a long narrow dining room table. Square dining room tables generally require the most space. The absolute best choice for a small room is a round dining room table with a pedestal. The absence of legs allows you to have the option of adding extra chairs around the table when you need to accommodate more guests.
The Best Chairs For a Small Dining Room
When you are shopping for a dining room table try to choose one that comes with armless chairs. Chairs that have arms might be a little more comfortable, but the arms will take up more space. Armless chairs require less space and you'll be able to fit more of them around your table. They also add to the clean, uncluttered look of the room and help create an open, airy space.
Add A Buffet Hutch To Your Dining Room
A dining room buffet can be the perfect addition even when you have a small dining room. A buffet will give you the ideal place to store silver ware, table cloths, napkins and other items. It will help you avoid clutter and keep everything you need close at hand. A buffet can also be used as a serving table and give you more free space on your dining table.
Use Folding Furniture Pieces
Folding furniture pieces are ideal if you have a small dining room. Folding chairs can be easily stored in a closet or pantry and set out quickly when you need extra seating. If you have a lot of guests during holidays or like to entertain often, you might even want to consider purchasing a small folding table. Folding furniture is the perfect way to have extra seating without having your dining room full of furniture on a daily basis."

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