Thursday, March 24, 2011

Counter Top Water Purifier

Many people today seek or have improved at-home drinking water since what comes to their taps is water that is mildly treated and still contains many impurities. Today we have a wide variety of popular consumer water filter purifiers; one type that is predominant is the counter top water purifier.
A water purifier is used to remove chemical, toxins, sediment and other organic and inorganic compounds at a more refined level than is done by water treatment provided by regulatory authorities in locations where we live. The refined level of removal of impurities is done by filtration. The particular filter or filters in use with a water purifier indicate what its capabilities are in terms of the size of particles the filter will trap and not allow passage to your tap. There can be one or more filters in use. Often the filters are part of a cartridge unit which is changed at the time the filters stop working.
A counter top water purifier is more than just a water filter as purification relates to the removal of more impurities than simply filtration. Filtration refers to the removal of matter to a particular level or capability of the filter. Purification relates to processes that are included to remove or render harmless small particles such as viral microorganisms as the filter in itself cannot be made to collect microorganisms in and of themselves.

A counter top water purifier is a minimally invasive unit that is most often mounted at the kitchen faucet by instruction with the unit's packaging. The installation is quite simple and should not require tools. The unit should come with installation instructions and an assortment of o-rings of which the one you need for your faucet spout should be included. If it is not included, contact the manufacturer to send the size you need.
In general water purifier units will save you more money than buying bottled water plus you are helping the environment by not adding to the plastics that need to be recycled from disposed plastic water bottles. You can even buy replacement filters on sale in bulk to save even more money.

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