Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cleaning the Toaster Oven

Concerning the appliances used in the kitchen, perhaps the most used one is the oven, for modern-day. Ovens are a grace from God. Constant use of toaster ovens spreads a layer of grease and grime on the appliance making further cooking cumbersome and unhealthy. All electrical gadgets must be cleaned to ward of built of bacteria and other disease-causing germs. Another important aspect is that proper cleaning ensures is the long shelf life of the appliance thus saving money on your purchase. Well in the market today we have a number of cleaners that isn't harmful or acidic to clean these appliances. This guide will show you how you can clean your oven in a step by step manner.

Never immerse the oven in water. First of all, turn off the toaster oven and then unplug it. The toaster has to cool completely before it is cleaned. Remove the crumb tray of the oven with a thin soft brush so that finer particles can be traced and discarded. Put out the crumb tray and then scrub it with a good soap, a soft sponge and warm water. Wipe down the exterior surfaces of the toaster using an oven cleaner. Use a soft cloth as well as a sanitizing spray like WD 40. Do not use steel scrubber. The plastic parts can be wiped clean with a warm detergent solution.
The interior of the toaster oven can be cleaned with soap water, sponge and warm water. Warm water will help to clean away the grease. Scrub down the parts which are not easy to remove, the build-up of food with a synthetic scouring pad. Therefore when you wipe it after every use, the build up of food can be avoided. Remove the shelving and clean it with warm soapy water. Let the shelves dry completely before they are put back in the oven.
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