Sunday, March 20, 2011

Automatic Grass Cutters

With many of the latest technologies knocking on our doors on a daily basis, the most up to the minute buzz word we hear is about the new automatic lawn mowers. Everyone is familiar with the ability to be shopping at the nearest mall; while at the same time your clothes are still at home being washed in your automatic electric washing machine.
However, just try to imagine this scenario for a moment or two. You have a tremendous weekend planned. You may be participating in the local golf tournament, or perhaps you are finally getting the opportunity to sail around the ocean on a fishing schooner; without worrying even a little bit about cutting the grass that seems to grow even faster on those particular days.
 How can either one of those things actually be true. Is the grass going to stop growing or is it somehow able to cut itself?
Well, I must admit that the grass can not cut itself. However, the automatic lawn mowing equipment can do the yard work for you; even though you are enjoying yourself in a far away land. It is capable of mowing the yard and then returning to the charger to be recharged whenever it is necessary; with no human interference required. They even have rain sensors attached. There is no gas, oil, fuss, maintenance, and noise or rust problems to deal with. They are completely waterproof. The only things that are required are batteries and an occasional blade replacement.
Erecting a perimeter wire that would be used to define the mowing area is not a very difficult thing to do. This way all of the flowerbeds and trees can also be easily protected. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to install one for you. The mower will sense the boundary marks. However, if by any chance it somehow crosses the border line, the shut off switch will be triggered. The only thing that you have to do is to simply program the exact time that you want the unit to begin to operate.
Some people do question the safety of a self controlled cutting machine. They say that it simply can not be safe to leave it totally unattended. But, on the other hand, studies have proven that the normal type of lawn mowers have been the cause of over seventy thousand emergency room visits. Safety has been given great a lot of consideration, a tremendous amount of engineering and thoughtfulness has been involved. The blades are turned at a sixteen degree angle, so that a human hand cannot get under it. Moreover the blades are backside and are dug into a chamber in the body. Some of the mowers even have a sonar detection system. If any moving object comes close to it, the mower slows down and the blade stops; before the machine can be touched.
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