Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Meat Slicers

For wannabe chefs or eager home cooks, having the right tools to hand can make all the difference. They not only save you time of course, but also allow you to get just the right finish and look to your food. Such tools that are not too popular, but can really have a great effect are meat slicers. Selecting which one to buy and, most importantly, using it correctly takes a little time though.
The first thing to consider is the size; which will largely determine the cost of the unit. Many compact machines are available for easy storage and infrequent use. However, heavy use meat slicers may well be worth it if you are regularly entertaining or have penchant for bresaola, salami and other such dishes.
 When using your machine, it is important to use it correctly as they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Manufacturer's instructions should always be carefully read and understood, and all guides used as intended. Users should not be distracted from the task, whilst locks should be kept engaged when not used. Cleaning of the item should always be done using cut resistant gloves.
As the name would suggest, their primary use is for slicing meat. Users will find any boneless meat easier to slice thinly when slightly chilled, though not fully frozen. Cheese too can be cut well in much the same way. Fish too should be well chilled, as should any soft vegetables. A good tip is to put any foodstuffs in the freezer for about twenty minutes prior to slicing.
Bread is something that can be sliced without having to chill, whilst softer foods should be treated carefully and cut with a slightly moistened blade. When cutting anything with meat slicers, it is important to keep pressure on the machine constant and regular to enable a uniform slice.
For newbie chefs and pro home cooks alike, having the right tools makes all the difference. Meat slicers is definitely a must-have tool for every kitchen. More info now on

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