Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Someone tell Slavica she’s had a wardrobe malfunction: Bernie Ecclestone's ex-wife makes embarrassing fashion faux pas

Her divorce from the Formula 1 supremo was one of the most lucrative in history – but Slavica Ecclestone certainly didn’t look a billion dollars at a glamorous party last week.
The former Armani model suffered a humiliating wardrobe malfunction at the high-profile fashion industry bash, exposing far more of herself than she intended.
Yet no one at the event in Belgrade, Serbia, had the courage, or the manners, to point out her faux pas – not even her companion for the evening, moustachioed Bosnian folk musician Haris Dzinovic.

It was a full ten minutes before the normally impeccably dressed 52-year-old realised she had been flashing her backside, and hurriedly pulled her sparkling silver jersey dress back down to her knees, where it was designed to sit. 
The dress had ridden up in the car en route to the party, exposing her barely-there underwear beneath her sheer black tight

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