Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shauna Sand’s Topless Beach Romp

Look who the paparazzi caught (cough cough) with her top off on the beach. It’s the ever so classy Shauna Sand with her boyfriend, model Greg Knudson.
She took time out of her playful romp to talk to the paparazzi about her family. She says,” I found a best friend who I love spending time with. I love him and feel that he’s a part of my family. I am trying to build a solid foundation of a relationship that is extremely special to me and to go very slowly and see how it evolves. I always rush into relationships and marriages. I have no patience and I have a past of many disappointments. I’m trying to learn and grow from those mistakes. We will see what the future brings. My daughters adore him.”

Going topless on the beach is a wonderful way to start your path to growth Shauna.

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