Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shane Warne's ex-wife: Liz Hurley can worry about what Shane's up to now, I don't have to

Shane Warne's ex-wife has spoken out about the shock she and her family felt when he was first snapped with Liz Hurley.
Simone Callahan and Australian cricket star Shane, 41, are divorced but had tried to give their relationship another
go before splitting again 'a couple on months' before he fell for Liz, 45.
Simone was living at the family's Melbourne mansion with the couple's kids - Brooke, 13, Jackson, 11, and Summer, 9 - when Liz and Shane's romance hit the headlines. 

'I was going to have a quiet Christmaswith the children and then set about moving out as unobtrusively as possible,' the mum of three recalls.
'The fact that there was all this attention (with Shane and Liz) put a bit of a damper on everything.
'Shane and I had spoken to the children about the planned break and they were sad. Of course, we all were.
'But they had no idea about their father and anyone else at that time.
'Suddenly, there were paparazzi following us everywhere.'
But Simone is glad she's moved on with her life and doesn't give a damn whoShane might or might not be secretly texting.
'Shane and I gave it a good try but as much as we tried, things weren't panning out the way they should,' she tells Australia's New Idea magazine.
'I don't have to worry about it anymore.
'It doesn't have any effect on me.' 

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