Monday, February 21, 2011

Retro Kitchens - Popular Again

Retro is kitschy, over the top and loud - and yet almost everyone is decorating with retro kitchen decors with pride. One can easily turn one's kitchen into a zone of comfort just by spicing it up with the beauty and madness only retro kitchen d├ęcor can bring. The past can bring a lot of fond memories so why not bring that feeling of fondness into your kitchen?
You can start off by installing a vinyl or linoleum floor that has a strong geometric design like a black and white checkerboard pattern. You can also have your walls repainted with matte-finish in shades of pink, aqua or green. You can use Formica countertops and install them in flat surfaces.
Retro is all about white appliances with chrome handles and knobs - feel free to accessorize your cabinets and refrigerators with photos and other colorful pictures.
Oranges, blues and browns are also retro colors and lighting plays a very big part when you want to highlight your kitchen and your kitchen decors. Your lighting has to have function and not just for the sake of kitchen vanity.

Retro does not need to be expensive - and you can easily achieve the design and look that you want without having to walk the extra mile with money. Simple salt and shakers set could speak so much about the nostalgic era and when mixed with the right pattern and feel, your kitchen could be your doorway, your portal to the 1950's to the 70's. So are you ready to go all retro?
There are all kinds of simple ways to get a retro look in your kitchen. You can do it with furniture or accessories from clocks to curtains to table clothes. It's always fun to add a little pizzaz your home and a retro look is a great way to do that.
Retro has always been in style and a retro look can really spice up a kitchen.
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