Sunday, February 27, 2011

Microwave in the Kitchen

A microwave oven is a kitchen staple, an appliance that basically heats our food. Or we commonly just call it - microwave. By using microwave radiation, it heats the food evenly throughout, quickly and more efficiently. First introduced in the late 60's, it is considered as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century.
Try to imagine your kitchen without a microwave oven. Heating food could mean turning up the stove and setting a pan, then placing the leftover food to be heated. And that means washing separately the pan, the container you used when you put it inside the ref, and the plate you will be using to serve it. In comparison to just getting the container out of the ref, pop it inside the microwave and serve!
It is a very great convenience especially to people who are always on the go. When you do not have enough time to prepare breakfast in the morning, you grab a frozen breakfast sandwich when you stop for gas on your way to the office. You just pop it in the microwave in the counter and your breakfast is solved.
Later that day, you run a little late for lunch and just grab a microwaveable lunch meal in the convenience store and pop it in the microwave in the break room. And when you get home, you're just too tired to prepare a meal for yourself and just decided to heat a couple of pizza slices left from yesterday's weekend lunch, and turn on the microwave.
And don't forget that you heat water for your oatmeal in the microwave, pop your favorite cheddar cheese-flavored popcorn, melt the butter and chocolates for baking, and even disinfecting and deodorizing your kitchen sponges.
The microwave is an amazingly versatile kitchen appliance that we have grown to love. Thanks to an American engineer who accidentally discovered it. It is now easily available in appliance centers in different brands, sizes, designs and prices. One just need to choose which one is perfect for their needs.
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