Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ex John Asher Says Jenny McCarthy Was “A Freak In The Sack” (Photos)

 Actress/Model Jenny McCarthy’s ex, John Asher, revealed some pretty intimate details of their bedroom action, saying he misses the nights of passion with Jenny. Asher says Jenny McCarthy was “a freak in the sack”. Read more on Jenny McCarthy below.

Actor/director John Asher, who was married to McCarthy from 1999 to 2005, thinks his ex-wife’s current boyfriend, Jim Carrey, is having a great time in the bedroom because Jenny really knows how to keep things interesting in bed.

Asher said Jenny McCarthy liked threesomes and once even invited three other “naughty sweet young girls” to join them for sex in a recent interview.
He said, “She’d be the subject of most of the attention, but always kept me in the mix. Jenny was a freak in the sack and beyond. There are some things that she’s done where I’ve thought, ‘No other woman will ever do that.’ It’s a helluva show.”
Asher reveals his marriage ended when the couple’s son Evan was diagnosed with autism and needed Jenny’s full-time attention. John Asher stated, “When something traumatic happens to a child, it either pulls the parents together or drives them apart.”
We’re sure Jenny McCarthy loves her ex, John Asher, opening his big mouth and sharing their sex life with the world!

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