Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charlie Sheen kisses mystery blonde after declaring he is '100%' in love

With three ex wives, five children and a penchant for porn stars and cocaine, Charlie Sheen doesn't exactly seem like the answer to a maiden's prayer. 
But the Two And A Half Men actor has managed to win a new heart. 
The troubled star was spotted kissing a mystery woman in Calabasas, California, yesterday. 

He was back to work shooting a scene at Hipster Kids clothing store, but dashed out to spend time with the blonde between takes. 
After putting on a public display of affection, the 45-year-old then escorted her to his $300,000 Maybach. 
During an interview on Dan Patrick's radio last week, Sheen revealed he has a new woman in his life, but he declined to reveal her identity. 
He said he is '100%' in love.

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