Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 tattoos designs

2011 tattoos designs

2011 tattoos designs

In this guide I would like to hopefully give you some ideas for your next tattoo, and share some of the mythology surrounding the sun.

Sun tattoo designs are a very popular choice for ink work. The sun has a long symbolic history, from cave drawings to ancient Egypt; the sun has represented many things to many cultures.

For example, to the Aztecs, Greeks, and Romans, the sun implied authority, happiness, fertility, and spirituality. That is one reason why the sun has always been a popular choice for tattoo designs.

Another reason for its popularity is the sun has often used as a symbol of power, happiness, light, joy, hope, and the giver of life. And why wouldn’t you want a design to reflect any of those?

Sun designs are often paired with the moon, and in mythology the moon was called Artemis, the Moon goddess, who was the twin sister of Apollo the Sun god. The pairing of the Sun and Moon was said to reflect the inner balance of control, obsession, and creativity of the unconscious mind. Great idea for a tattoo I’d say!
Another myth described stars as children of the sun and moon; and because the sun was forever hungry he had no issue with eating one of his children, so that is why the stars disappear when the sun rises at dawn, while the moon however, played happily with her children across the night sky.

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